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The Sociedad Española de Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura (SEDLL) is a non-profit organisation with more than five hundred members. There are teachers of all compulsory educational levels and professionals of the non-formal education among its associates. All of them interested in the education and learning of language and culture, as well as their verbal, non-verbal and ICT resources.

The SEDLL’s main targets are as follows:

  1. To establish professional relationships among the Language and Literature Teaching and Learning researchers in all educational levels.
  1. To coordinate teaching and learning researching studies and explore new ways of teaching with the purpose of consolidating investigation and innovation in the teaching and learning of language and literature.
  1. To publish all investigations and teaching and learning proposals organized and related to the SEDLL.
  1. To publish, from the educational point of view, its associates’ social and professional activities connected to the language, literature and different means of expression.
  1. To impel all the innovating suggestions prepared by its associate members which facilitate the improvement and development of the Area.

The high level of active participation shows the interest of these annual meetings which are considered as a point of reference for all the professionals in this researching educational area.

The SEDLL has always organized International Congresses (different topics) and International Symposia (specific topics) from late November to early December each year alternatively. Each annual meeting is held in a Spanish or International University. All Congresses and Symposia proceedings have been published in co-edition with the host University of the corresponding event.

The SEDLL publishes the Review: Lenguaje y textos twice a year since 1989.

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